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I often watch dramas about cuckolds and massage girls. Ikumi Hasegawa, 38 years old. She is a housewife who has been married for 10 years. In a housewife life that was more boring than she expected, she found herself becoming a hobby of watching AV. There are some weaknesses that I understand but accept, such as immorality and forbidden relationships... Masturbation while embracing emotions in women appearing in AV is best. Such AV fever is too high. Finally, I decided to show up myself. I'm happy to be in a world that I keep an eye on on my smartphone. The dream of an NTR-attributed wife who is no longer satisfied just having sex with her husband will come true

JRZD-998 Ikumi Hasegawa's first time filming an adult film
 Movie Code: JRZD-998 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Ikumi Hasegawa