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Daisuke's father remarried so he had a beautiful stepmother, Yuri. He also loves this stepmother very much, and it seems that his feelings for her have surpassed motherly love... Every time he sees his father being close to his mother, he gets angry, witnessing his father having sex and cumming. The sperm inside his mother made him feel lonely, worried that his mother would be snatched away by his father and future brother. Unable to bear it anymore, he made a bold decision to take his mother as his own! While his father was at work, Daisuke showed his affection for his mother. He continuously hugged and kissed, licked every part of his stepmother's body, then made love and ejaculated straight inside Yuri. Yuri resisted at first, but she also loved Daisuke, so she gradually gave up and started this wrong relationship with Daisuke. The two continuously made love without their husbands present. Some time later Yuri became pregnant, but she herself did not know whether the child in her womb belonged to her husband or his child...

Mom, I want to fuck you
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