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Tanaka and Riya love each other because the company prohibits romance, so they both have to keep their relationship a secret. Rhea's manager is an extremely polite man who sexually harasses women. This time, he asked her to go on a business trip with another colleague. Both wanted to take off their outer shirts and put on thin shirts and show off their big round breasts in front of their partners. She had no choice but to listen to them. Continuously using drugs, Rhea quickly got drunk and fell asleep, not knowing what else to do. Taking advantage of this opportunity, her colleagues booked a hotel room, and the manager took her into a taxi and went straight to bed. Woke up to see Rhea lying on the bed, lifting her shirt to kiss her and the manager was about to suck and kiss her. He also recorded a video and threatened to spread it if he did not respect it. Riek had no choice but to obey him. However, the comfort he gave her was something her friend could not give her. He used his skills and his big cock to make Rhea Climax over and over again. Her body gradually became more active, each stream of pleasure flowed out, her mind wanted to pamper him even more! Even though he filmed them both and sent it to her friend, she still wanted to seduce him and give him her entire body.

The slutty secretary falls in love with the handsome boss
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 Actor: Ria Yamate