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Rei is a quiet, quiet girl. Sometimes in the company I don't even feel her presence. One time Rei made a mistake and I helped and covered for her. From that time on, Rei proactively confessed her love to me. At first I didn't really like it, but because she confessed so strongly, I agreed. Having a girlfriend for the first time in my life is an indescribable feeling of excitement. We used the weekend to go on a date, but unfortunately there was a heavy rain so I had to stay at Rei's house. Because she was all wet, she started taking off her shirt. Only then did I realize that my girlfriend had such beautiful big, round breasts! Unexpectedly, within that shy, innocent appearance, there is a deadly seductive body. Sex is amazing, especially when you get to fuck the girl you like. We are always together every time we have a break, enjoying the happiest days of our lives.

STARS-725 Having sex with a slutty big-breasted colleague
 Movie Code: STARS-725 
 Actor: Rei Kamiki